• With Aloe Vera, cocoa butter, French green clay.
  • Cleanses without drying the skin, rejuvenates, it offers antiseptic properties & rich lather, suitable for shaving.
  • With the essential oils of juniper berry, bitter orange leaves, cloves
    All skin types. Barber’s scent is similar to that of mastic tree resin; woody with a hint of heady cloves
    Made in Tinos


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All  soaps are made with:

_olive oil for its conditioning properties,
_coconut oil for a rich lather & great cleaning properties,
_castor oil to enhance foaming & its hydrating properties,
_vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant for nourishment & protection of the skin.
_essential oils for their scent & natural colorants for their color.
As such, our soaps suit wonderfully for all skin types, having excellent foaming, cleansing & nourishing qualities.


For Barber’s :

  • +    Aloe Vera for its hydrating, healing & anti-inflammatory properties.
  • +    unrefined virgin cocoa butter for deep nourishment & skin enforcement with antioxidants.
  • +   French green clay for deep cleansing. It also regulates sebum secretion & helps minimize large pores. In this soap, clay also offers a useful glide for the razor, ideal for shaving.
  • +    juniper berry essential oil for its toning & antiseptic properties,
  • +    petitgrain essential oil for its stimulating properties & its fresh and zesty scent,
  • +    cloves essential oil for its antioxidant, antiseptic & hydrating properties,
  • +    cedar wood essential oil which is known for regulating excess sebum production.

That gives us a fresh soap with rich foam, wonderful woody scent, great for dry skin.
Try shaving with it
ENA KARO does not use:
x    palm oil
x    synthetic colors
x    synthetic perfumes
x    preservatives.
All soaps are wrapped in paper that holds three certifications of responsible & sustainable forest management:
_FSC, Certification for responsible forest management.
_PEFC, Certification for sustainable forest management.
_NORDIC SWAN, Scandinavian eco certification.

Then they are packed into a box designed to seal without glue & chemicals, produced by paper holding the same three certification.

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