Āgni means god of fire in Sanskrit, a language descended from ancient Greek. In Tinos, where Earth, Water, Fire (Sun) and Air unite, āgni is inspired by true modern women and lovingly chooses, all its products in order to offer them an eclectic collection of clothes, shoes and accessories. Her family started 60 years ago at the same place, and for the past 30 years Agni Dellatola followed their footsteps by choosing clothes for powerful women with heart that combines sensuality and feminity. Her love for style and fashion inspired her first collections in a small boutique at the port of Tinos, which underpins fire and passion in Cycladic area for the first time. Since then each item tells a story of her life and the people she met along the way of her travels.


Entering āgni’s boutique is like you are entering your dream life dressing room. Always by your side, we are pleased to serve you, just ask ! From your casual everyday outfit to your special occasions our motto is that every woman is beautiful and unique. Āgni wants to stay true and reliable to each one of you, you are unique to our eyes and we do not only sale a product to you. We wish to bring you advice and help you to choose items fitting your style and body needs because you are all gorgeous in our eyes. Just ask us will be delighted to help you at your every day’s fashion needs.


Setting high standards with style hardwork and commitment. Our world is geared for the current, dynamic & modern women of today, who love and care for themselves and this world is revealed in No. 2, Taxiarchon str ,Tinos port. Through a feminine and elegant spectrum, women are invited to travel into the world of āgni to finally be able to express their originality. Our guide is creativity, inspiration, passion of fire, experience and smile. Building a longtime relationship with our clients is one of our main pleasure. Our brands are mainly from greek designers. We choose soft and natural fabrics of the best quality and most of our accessories are handcrafted.